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ADHD is a common condition among Westlake, OH area residents. Aligned Health Center, the first and only Chiropractic BioPhysics® provider in Northern Ohio, has natural and non-invasive treatment options that work.


What is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a condition that is often diagnosed in children today, although some adults are diagnosed with ADHD. ADHD has 3 common types. In the first type, the patient is inattentive but isn’t hyperactive or unusually impulsive. In the second variety of ADHD, the patient is hyperactive and overly impulsive but doesn't struggle with their attention span. In the third kind of ADHD, the most common kind of ADHD today, the patient is hyperactive, impulsive, and has attention problems. ADHD can cause a number of problems for both children and their parents. School and home life may be difficult with unmanaged ADHD. Parents often feel frustrated because they want to alleviate symptoms but don't want to resort to medication. This is where chiropractic BioPhysics® can help.

How is a child evaluated for chiropractic ADHD treatment?

New patient paperwork will be completed either at the first visit or ahead of time via download on the Aligned Health Center website. The parents and child will sit down with the chiropractor to talk about the problems and symptoms that have led them to seek help. The chiropractor will do a gentle exam using completely non-invasive palpation of the spine. The patient won't feel any discomfort during the exam, as only mild pressure is applied to evaluate spinal health. Additional testing such as neurological tests may be needed as well. Many ADHD patients also have a digital postural x-ray during their evaluation. The x-ray helps to identify the imbalances that may be causing problems in the body.

How does treatment help ADHD patients?

Upper cervical care that focuses on restoring the proper spinal curve can be invaluable for ADHD sufferers. Studies have shown that children diagnosed with ADHD can often experience a dramatic relief of symptoms when their subluxation is corrected and stabilized. Many young patients were even pronounced symptom free and were able to discontinue the use of drugs like Adderall.

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