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Migraines can really stop Westlake, Ohio area residents from enjoying life, but they don't have to. Aligned Health Center, the first and only chiropractic and BioPhysics® provider in Northern Ohio, are ready to help.

Migraine Q & A

Why do migraines happen?

Migraines are often caused by rapid dilation and constriction of the blood vessels in the brain. The exact cause of this blood vessel dilation and constriction can vary. A spinal imbalance may cause migraines to develop, particularly imbalances within the neck area. It's also possible to have a predisposition towards migraines based upon family history. While migraines are frustrating and painful, they can be treated effectively without medication. Chiropractic care using BioPhysics® focuses on correction of the problem causing the migraine while improving whole body health.

How does migraine evaluation work?

At the first visit for migraine evaluation, new patients will need to complete their new patient paperwork. Alternatively, this paperwork can be downloaded online so that patients can print it out and complete it ahead of time if desired. Next, the patient consults with the chiropractor to discuss the migraine frequency, duration, and known migraine triggers. The chiropractor will perform an exam, during which the spine is closely evaluated. In some cases, additional neurological testing may be needed for migraine patients. As the chiropractor evaluates the spine with both static and motion palpation, the origins of the migraine pain can often be discovered. A digital postural x-ray is also needed in some cases, as this x-ray can confirm the location of subluxations that may be leading to the migraines.

How are migraines treated?

During the Report of Findings, Dr. Nick will review all the test results with the patient. This is usually scheduled a few days after the initial appointment. In this appointment, the patient will gain a better understanding of what caused their migraines and how spinal remodeling can help. Because migraines usually originate in some type of spinal imbalance, correction of these imbalances can dramatically reduce both the frequency and the duration of these headaches.

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