Chiropractic BioPhysics

Structural Correction using Chiropractic BioPhysics® Protocols (CBP)

What is CBP® Technique ?

Chiropractic BioPhysics ® or CBP® Technique is a method of analyzing, treating, and restoring a persons spine to the correct posture.    In the simplest terms it can be described as an "orthodontist" for your spine.  The doctor in both cases are moving bone through soft tissue to create a new shape.  The health benefits of having an ideal posture are widespread and documented.  In fact, CBP® Technique protocols are the foremost investigated care option in all of spinal care.

What are the origins of CBP® Technique ?

CBP® Technique was officially named to describe the work done by Drs. Donald Harrison, Deanne Harrison, and Daniel Murphy.  Since that time Drs. Donald and Deed Harrison, along with other key contributors, have been leaders in spinal care research and made great advancements in the care options available to the public. (1)

How Does it Work?

To determine if a patient is in need of structural correction a detailed and thorough exam is needed.  The exam will include a minimum of complete health history, orthopedic exam, neurological exam, postural exam, and full spine x ray analysis.    Once the results of the exam are compiled and the patients condition is determined treatment can begin.

Each individual needing structural correction has a unique set of deviations from normal posture.  These deviations, determined during the examination process, could have been created by various events throughout the patients life.  Due to the unique nature of each patients life experience each care plan will be different and customized to the circumstances presented.  With that being said, there are three therapy categories that are commonly used to correct abnormal postures.  They are reviewed below.

Mirror Image® Postural Adjustments

Mirror Image® Postural Adjustments assist the chiropractor in restoring the patients ideal posture.  In theory, these adjustments re-balance the patient's alignment by the way of triggering improved muscle and nerve reflexes.  They are performed to reset the nervous systems regulation of postural muscle balance.  (1)

Mirror Image® Postural Exercises

Mirror Image® Postural Exercise are performed in order to stretch shortened muscles and strengthen muscles that have been weakened in areas where postural muscles have adapted to asymmetric abnormal postures.   Although strength and conditioning exercise has not been shown to improve posture, postural exercises in the mirror image have shown initial promise in reduction of posture and spinal displacements. (1)

Mirror Image® Postural Traction

Mirror Image® Postural Traction is performed to aid the chiropractor in restoring the patient to an ideal posture.   Mirror Image® Postural traction is used to create an environment where the patient is held in the Mirror Image® of their postural deviation for a prescribed period of time.   Mirror Image® Postural traction provides sustained loading for 10 - 20 minutes and is necessary to cause visco-elastic deformation to the resting length of the spinal ligaments, muscles, and discs.  CBP® Technique is the only technique in clinical controlled trials to consistently return postural deformations towards their ideal alignment.  (1)

Why is Ideal Posture Important?

Postural abnormalities have been linked to various health conditions.   The link between abnormal posture and the various health conditions associated is the nervous system.  The human body is designed to be self-regulating and self-healing.  The part of the body which is responsible for the self-regulating and self-healing properties of the body is the nervous system. The spinal column is designed to protect the vital connection between the nervous system and the body.  Therefore, an optimal functioning spine and nervous system is imperative for one to achieve and maintain a healthy state.  Today the research says it all, CBP® Technique is the foremost researched treatment protocol in all spinal care.



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